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If youíre in the market for a new laptop computer, the wide range of machines on offer can be overwhelming. But if you use our guide to laptops, you can take a logical approach to help determine which laptop is right for you.

First, you need to identify how you want to use the computer. Are you a business user looking for a machine to take on the road? Or are you a student looking for an all-purpose laptop to serve your scholarly (as well as social) requirements? A frequent flyer may put a premium on size and weight, while a home user may sacrifice portability for performance. Whatever type of user you are, thereís a laptop computer designed to fit your needs.

Second, you should determine what features are a must for your machine and what you can live without. Do you need wireless networking? A huge hard drive? Loads of RAM? A fixed DVD drive? Multimedia connectors? You can use this guide to help you decide what features you need.

Finally, you can narrow the field according to your budget. Thereís no sense in coveting an ultra-portable, super thin, top-of-the line notebook if you canít swallow the price tag.

Once you have determined what kind of user you are, what features are most important to you and how much you can spend, youíre well on your way towards finding your perfect laptop computer.

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